Why You Should Consider Senior Home Care For Your Aging Family Member

The services encompassed in Senior Home Care are broad and varied, but all revolve around supportive care services where the old and aging clients live, which can be their home or a care facility such as a retirement home. The caregivers can be hired to offer:

•    Non-medical services – companionship, personal care and homemaker services provided by non-medical caregivers or certified aides.

•    Medical home health care services offered by certified aides and licensed medical professionals.

Taking care of seniors will involve helping them with their ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) and their IADLS (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living). The ADLs include things such as bathing, eating, dressing, toileting, and exercising while IADLs include things such as housework, preparing meals, shopping, and driving.

Why Consider Senior Home Care

More than 80% of senior would prefer to continue living at home and are open to receiving help so that they can enjoy just that for as long as possible.

It ‘s okay to want your place, to live your life without having to answer to your old parents. It is this need that leaves many old folks living alone, and one study found that more than 55% of senior living alone are four times more likely to require professional care compared to those who live with their keen. 

Some old folks are unwilling to leave their house and are reluctant to ask for help from their relatives; they often pull away from their communities isolating themselves. These seniors will need help with your household chores, declining personal hygiene, inadequate cooking and eating habits, declining driving skills, and even taking their medication. 

In some cases, a senior may be staying with his or her keen, but the family is too busy and will need someone who comes to take care of their aged family member while the rest of the family is not at home.

Moreover, senior home care is not just about home-based personalized services that ensure the aging person eats and stays clean and healthy; it’s also service that offers companionship.